Above – Bob with Father [click here to read a poem about Lester]

Below -Beth, Bob, Mom and Ott – 1943

Mom with her five kids. Denver, CO

Steve_birth     Read about it here!

This poem  was written by a friend in grad school at UCSB almost 50 years ago. I worked summers for a construction company and was part of a paving crew working on the highways in southern California.



3 kids and a dog

ISLAND is born – edited by John Marshall.


Mom, wife, new PhD

Steve receives his PhD. Karen and Deborah are proud of him.

Daughter Margaret is flourishing as a professor of nursing at Colorado Mesa University.  

Screenshot_2018-11-10 Margaret Riley Colorado Mesa University

alex_birth in 1987.

Alex Lane and the rest of the UVic Rowers.

He Scores! Kyle is on fire!! [Click to watch video.]

Jim Lane running at Steamboat Springs, CO for the Iron Man race.

Cow by Steven lane age 5

“Island” is born 1971

1971 newspaper articles from plays produced in Errington!

Karen was going through some old scrapbooks and came across this piece from the Nanaimo Free Press published about 1976 when I was a new chairman at Malaspina College. This was right after we had moved to the present location of VIU. I looked different then.


Erik Lane:  after and before!

Erik (2)

  In 1997  Erik writes a biography of his grandfather! Read it.




And it was fun!


1976 Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

And my favourite review:

June 2015 Bob receives Emeritus status from VIU.

           Professor Justin Kalef writes about Bob’s emeritus status.

Picture from Convocation: Bob and Dr. Steve Lane:


Computers and Theology?

With Steve Lane.

Traveling Lanes: Hemingway and Shakespeare

Noam Chomsky comes to Malaspina in 1988.


Online sources:

Daily News

Philosophers’ Cafe



Family Ties

13 thoughts on “Scrapbook

  1. Here’s a letter from Steve Jones in response to my congratulating him on his “Musician of the Year” award:

    From: Steve Jones

    Email to rdlane

    Dear Bob
    Thank you very much for your kind words, they mean so much coming from you.

    I probably never told you how much I valued your firm but understanding leadership in those early days.

    I was scared to death to be hired at Malaspina…not at all confident that I could do the job and knowing that there was a fair amount of pressure to produce a successful program. Your ability to guide the music faculty, create a balance among the personalities, and set a direction for the future has not been equalled, in my opinion, by any other chair or dean. I think that although you were not a musician, you had the right kind of artistic sensibility that allowed you to make important decisions and take appropriate actions.

    I still feel a little intimidated when I meet you….there’s my boss!…. and I usually get a little flustered and have a difficult time expressing myself. I know this is my problem and that you have never been anything but kind and friendly to me….but hopefully you understand how this is.

    Thirty three years have gone by and a lot has happened but I will always be grateful for the opportunity you gave me, the challenges that you helped me confront, and the career I never expected to have.

    I am never tired of answering the question, “So how did you get hired at Malaspina?” I know that Bryan Stovell and Collin macQuarrie were very influential but I usually say “I went for a spaghetti dinner at Bob Lane’s house, there was a fair amount of wine and conversation with
    some colourful personalities and the next day Bob called and offered me the job.”

    A little different procedure than the current hiring committees.

    So thanks again for all you did for me and the music dept., I am forever grateful.

    Steve Jones


  2. Note from former student:

    Dear Professor Lane,

    I am writing this as a thank-you note. I took your first year philosophy classes in 1998-99 at (then) Malaspina. They were my favourite university classes of all time, and that says a lot, because here I am back at university 14 or so years later, working on a second degree in law at UVic.

    I always kept the textbook from your class and looked through it from time to time. Now I have broken it out again in order to write a paper for Legal Ethics. I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me years ago. You probably don’t remember me after so many students have gone through Phil 101, but I was the girl with short hair who wrote an essay about whether you can believe something enough to know that it is so with an example of a dog that runs away years ago in the dead of winter. You wrote on the board “Dog is dead”. (I thought that was funny.) Your classes really meant a lot to me.

    Anyway, thank you, and best wishes.

    Sarah Anning


  3. Lisa wrote: Bob, a case in point: I have never forgotten your going above and beyond the duties of an instructor by refusing to let me drop out of your Formal Logic course, insisting on spending your lunch hours with me working on truth trees, and not letting me quit. I believe I passed that course with an “A,” but it would have been an “F” if not for your faith in me, despite my belief that I couldn’t do it. So…big hugs to you as well. The exact grade I got may be forgotten, but your faith and actions will always be a clear and greatly appreciated memory.

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